How You Get Paid

BugSquad was designed to make selling your pest control service online as easy and seamless as possible. This includes getting paid for performing your service.

Getting Paid for Service

All payments are processed with an integrated Stripe Express account that you create when you configure your BugSquad account. This allows for quick and simple payment processing. The payment process essentially works like any other online transaction.

When your customer sets up their Service Order through the BugSquad app implemented on your website, they will be asked to enter their credit card information to complete the Order. Once they have completed their Order, Stripe will connect with your customer's bank or card issuer to authenticate and authorize payment. After that, the funds are moved from your customer's issuing bank into your Stripe Express account.

The amount of the Order will be represented in your Stripe Express account as a Balance. Check this at any time by clicking or tapping the "Access My Stripe Express Account" button in the Stripe Setup section on your company settings page within your BugSquad Admin panel.

You will see the total Balance of every Order that has yet to be paid out to you along with recent payouts.

Your customer will be charged immediately after placing their Order, but the funds will be given, or paid out, to you about 2-3 days later once Stripe has processed the payment.

From there, you can update the customer's order status to "Complete." Note that this is for your record keeping purposes.

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