Self-Service Booking

Self service saves you time & money. Customers select a date and time from your available schedule and book instantly. Transfers orders to your routing software with our export tools.


2 Out Of 3 Customers Want Self-Service Technology Online.

Online booking and self-service is quickly becoming more common, but less than half of pest control companies offer this technology to their customers. With BugSquad's intuitive self-service tool, you can stay ahead of the curve and sell your services faster, easier, and at a lower cost, while improving your customer's experience.

Appointment Scheduling & Secure Checkout

BugSquad will automatically suggest dates in the immediate future, up to 10 days. Your customer can select 3 dates and arrival windows in order to provide more scheduling flexibility and create a positive user experience. Then they simply checkout in less than 30 seconds.

Because they already entered most of their information during the quoting process, they just enter their billing information within our PCI compliant checkout tool, and they are all set.

Over 90% of customers expect on-demand self-servicing technology online.

Over 40% of customers will schedule and pay for service if they feel the service has been personalized.

Review Your Upcoming Service

See your customer's purchase in the "Orders" tab in your back end admin panel. Their status will be listed as pending so that you can see at a glance which orders are new. Get deep insights into how your customers shop and what problems they face, enabling you to provide a higher level of service, increasing your SLAs by 67%.

Review orders at a glance

Optimize technician routes

Determine your most popular services

Use order info for strategic service upsells

Why It's Better

By integrating your website with BugSquad and providing a self-service option to your customers, you will increase your conversions by 62%. Provide a modern, easy way to schedule pest control service online with no additional effort. BugSquad will increase your conversions, your SLAs, and facilitate business growth and efficiency, all while lowering your operational costs.

Service More Customers With BugSquad's Automated AI.