Leads That Generate Themselves

BugSquad's state-of-the-art automatic property analysis tool captures any prospect who enters an address for you to follow up with.


Provide Instant Gratification

Over 90% of consumers are using online checkout services. If you're doing it the old way, you are losing business. BugSquad was designed to give your customers the instant gratification they want, and your business the exceptional lead generation you need.

Capture Customer Info

To begin the quoting process, your potential customer will enter their address into our property analysis tool. Prospects will then be asked to enter their phone number and email address to tie them to receive a personalized quote.

Because they are not asked to provide a name or credit card, we found that over 80% of prospects will continue with the booking process.

Automation tools help companies see 450% increase in high-value leads.

Customers who are reached out to after completing a property summary are 9x more likely to close.

You Review Customer Info

When your potential customer enters their contact information, it gets stored in your back-end admin panel in the "prospects" tab.

You will get an automatically populated list of every customer who started the quoting process, but backed out before completing their order. You can review a prospect's:


Email address

Phone number

Physical address

Why It's Better

One of the biggest barriers to company growth is a lack of time and resources devoted to lead generation. When your pest control website is integrated with BugSquad, you let us do the work. Use the data we provide to follow up with your prospect or integrate the lead into any outbound marketing initiative your company uses. Know when someone visits your website and does not convert. Follow up on your own time.

Service More Customers With BugSquad's Automated AI.