Automate Property Inspections

Let us analyze your potential customer's property and provide you with a detailed summary of the site so that you know exactly what to expect without ever setting foot on the property.


The Pre-Review Process Leads To Lost Time & Revenue.

Scheduling treatment site inspections and asking customers to wait for service leads to operational inefficiency and wasted time, resources, and revenue. You can't (and shouldn't) cut out the inspection process all together, but you can simplify it with BugSquad's property analysis tool.

Property Analysis Tool

Our property analysis tool is integrated with Google's powerful GPS application to pinpoint your customer's property. The tool will provide a detailed summary of the property so that your technician can service any treatment site effectively and quickly, without having to perform the pre-review process.

Automated property inspection increase pest control company revenues by 81%.

88% of customers say that they would rather have their pest control technician come out and treat immediately.

Know Property Details

Our powerful tool allows your technicians to know exactly what your customer is dealing with and the property's size in square feet, increasing operational efficiency.

If your customer does not complete the checkout process, they are converted into qualified leads for you to follow up. With the property analysis data, you will be able to provide a deeper and strategic sales solution for increased conversions.

Why It's Better

By increasing your technician's efficiency, you will improve your customer retention by 42% and your service level agreements by 67%. Your technicians will complete more jobs in a day, saving you time, money, and resources while improving your customer's experience.

Service More Customers With BugSquad's Automated AI.