Automate Your Sales

A simple one time setup allows you to provide customers accurate pricing 24/7. Add-on services will be promoted to each and every prospect. It's like having your best salesperson working all the time.


Over 40% Of Pest Control Customers Have Difficulty Shopping For Service.

The average customer is intimidated by shopping for pest control service, and the pricing structure of traditional pest control creates a confusing barrier to entry. By creating a customized, tiered service offering, you give your customers a positive and easy shopping experience to capture more sales and retain more customers.

Service & Add On Selection

After reviewing the summary of their property analysis, they will then be able to choose the pest control service that is best for them. These services are set up by you and are fully customizable based on your business needs.

Your customers will understand which service offers what, and allows them to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Tiered pricing is an increasingly effective pricing strategy because it allows companies to target multiple customer personas.

Limiting the amount of services pest control companies offer a customer actually improves conversions by over 40%.

Customize Your Offerings

BugSquad is designed for pest control companies to offer their customers a tiered pricing structure. Create any pest control service you want, at a minimum of three offerings. Also create add-on services for up-sell opportunities. These can be anything from fertilizing to exclusionary work to animal trapping; whatever you want.

Enable or disable services at any time

Set up service descriptions

Make your own prices and pay structure

Add images to facilitate the purchase process

Why It's Better

With a 3-tiered service structure, you will be able to target multiple customer personas and dramatically increase conversions of the entry-level "just looking" consumers to customers who are ready to buy. BugSquad is fully integrated and operates on your site 24/7, you will no longer be limited to capturing customers 40 hours out of the week.

Service More Customers With BugSquad's Automated AI.