Embed The BugSquad App On Wix

This page will show you how to implement your unique BugSquad app code to your Wix website.

Embed HTML Code

The BugSquad app was designed to be embedded to any site using a https iframe HTML code. This allows most desktop and mobile browsers to display the the app correctly on your site.

To start, log in to your Wix account and choose to edit your site. Navigate to any page or section within your site that you want to display the BugSquad app.

We recommend having the BugSquad app displayed on your home page so that your customers can see and interact with it quickly.

In our example, we embedded the BugSquad app to our Wix site's homepage.

First, move any existing design elements to make room for the BugSquad app.

To implement your BugSquad app's code, select the PLUS button in Wix's editor.

A menu will open displaying all the design elements available to you.

Select "Embed" to open its sub-menu.

Next, select the HTML iframe element under custom embeds.

Once selected, the menu will close.

You will see the HTML embed frame on your page. It will display at a default size, but you can resize this however you want.

We recommend resizing this to a full page width, and a minimum height of 768 px to display the app in its entirety.

When you are ready to embed your BugSquad code, select the "Enter Code" button.

Another menu will open. Make sure the the "Code" radio button is selected and paste your code in the box provided.

Remember, you can get your unique embed code for your BugSquad app in your account's Admin Panel.

Hit the "apply" button and the BugSquad app will now be shown.

You can click the element that houses the code and resize it further or change its position on the webpage.

Once you are satisfied with the size and placement, you will want to preview your site.

Do this by clicking "Preview" in the top right of the site editor.

When you are ready to publish your site with the BugSquad app now successfully installed, simply click the "Publish" button.

Your BugSquad app will begin working immediately and will be ready to accept new orders.

For more assistance or troubleshooting with your Wix website, please visit the Wix Help Center.

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