How To Automate Your Pest Control Sales

Switching to sales order automation can counter most of these challenges by freeing up labor, increasing productivity, and improving the quality of customer care and satisfaction.

One of the biggest challenges faced by pest control businesses today is employees being overworked due to the abundance of new customers, orders, routing, scheduling, email communication, availability of field workers, and much more.

These conditions, coupled with building your brand image, can leave most business owners overwhelmed and falling behind the competition.

Streamlined Communication

Most of an employee's time is spent sourcing new or up-to-date information for clients. On a small team, committing this much time to synching accurate records and the back and forth quote process for clients, combined with the use of multiple devices for a customer's account, isn't feasible. This often leads to working longer hours or the risk of using outdated information.

Here's where automation can help.

Automation will help cut down on sourcing hours by automating necessary information needed for pest cost estimates and increase pest control sales with faster communication. This benefits pest control companies with storage of customer information and orders, providing needed information such as billing or contact information for future needs.

Additionally, your dedicated time is increased for other pest control business needs and quick access to customer information in one simple location.

Enforced Order Creation & Accountability

Any delays in processing and creation of an order prevents the client from receiving the product or service they need, when they need it, while halting your expected period of pay.

In some cases, the issue can lead to the client taking their business somewhere else or possibly an increase of pest infestation, thereby breaking your client relationship and company representation. To help avoid this scenario for both the client and your company, you can engage with sales order automation.

With tools like BugSquad, you can predetermine the pest infesting the clients location and square footage of their homes and property.

No need for consistent emailing or relocating orders to a specific branch as you can preset which location should handle these clients based on a 25 mile radius. For bigger territories there’s no limit to how many branches you can have set up within your company.

Improved Workflows

Have you ever come across the difficulty of trying to complete an order with team members missing or available employees not having the right skills to finish the task?

The entire workflow process becomes complicated in a short amount of time including the need to address potential clientele requests. Where you once might have found yourself reaching out to various customers for product promotion and connections, BugSquad’s prospect feature makes it easy to contact any customer who has sought out a quote with our app.

What Your Pest Control Business Achieves with Sales Automation

Using automated management tools like BugSquad, can cut down employee stress and burnout as well as provide business owners access to tools that execute successful quote data, publish needed information for clients and employees, and enhance the quality of customer interaction with input of basic address information.

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