How A Modern, Responsive Website Gets You More Customers

Having an up-to-date website and fully optimized Google My Business page are just the first steps in establishing an online presence that will drive traffic and grow your business. 

Responsive website design is the next step in ensuring your website will deliver an optimized experience to your customers regardless of whether they are on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

It can help you get higher rankings on search engines, keep your customers engaged for longer, and ultimately drive the conversions you are looking for with your pest control site. 

What is Responsive Design?

First, let’s break down what exactly responsive design is and how it works. Responsive design is a website design approach that allows webpages to adapt its content and scale its features seamlessly to suit the screen size it is viewed on.
This replaces the need for creating multiple websites for various devices, as your website layout now changes and perfectly accommodates for different devices, screen sizes, platform, and orientation.

Why Does It Matter?

We live in a multi-screen world, in which mobile web traffic is more increasingly common than desktop traffic. Therefore, now more than ever,  you want to be viewable on any screen, especially mobile. 

We can break down the benefits of responsive website design into:

  1. Flexible and easy management 

    With a responsive design, you can make changes to your website quickly and easily. This makes managing other marketing elements easier as well, because everything will be on one website.

  2. Cost effective

    As mentioned earlier, having responsive website design replaces the need for creating multiple websites for various devices, which saves you time and money by ensuring you only need to invest in one site design.

  3. Improved user experience

    Google says 61% of users who had trouble accessing a mobile site are less likely to return, with 40% opting to visit a competitor's site. User experience is crucial in customer retention, and the more you can get a customer to return to your website, the more sales opportunities you have and the more likely they are to convert.

    Additionally, a well designed, updated website will create positive and memorable first impressions that will add credibility to your brand and help spread word of mouth in your local community.

  4. SEO gains

    Google announced in 2015 that mobile-friendliness was now a factor in ranking results of its search engine algorithms, and in 2016 declared it would crawl the mobile version of websites before desktop versions.

    This means that having a site with less mobile-friendly interfaces will affect your search rankings in Google, so having responsive design can help with SEO and provide you a big boost in search engine results.

Embrace Responsive Design

Responsive design is an essential part of any modern business strategy, and should be a part of yours too. The BugSquad app was built to integrate seamlessly with your website, upping your sales ability and providing a modern way to capture leads. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing and expanding your business. 

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